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In May 2009, he visited Israel. In 2001 he created the successor to the decree. Dec. 17: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR POPE FRANCIS! [202][203] Benedict returned his official Fisherman's Ring, which is usually destroyed by Vatican officials on the death of a pope to prevent documents being counterfeited. He said "Absolutizing what is not absolute but relative is called totalitarianism."[93]. However, the tiara and keys remain the symbol of the papacy, and appear on the coat of arms of the Holy See and (reversed) on the flag of Vatican City. [38] Ratzinger continued to defend the work of the Second Vatican Council, including Nostra aetate, the document on respect of other religions, ecumenism and the declaration of the right to freedom of religion. The new Blesseds were Mother Marianne Cope and Mother Ascensión Nicol Goñi. Return Music for Catechesis on the Saints - To the Ends of the Earth by Fr Rob Galea - ℗ 2011 Robert Galea - used with permission. The latest issue of the SSPX's newsletter for German-speaking countries ... contains several anti-Semitic statements. [113], Speaking at his weekly audience in St Peter's Square on 7 June 2006, Pope Benedict asserted that Jesus himself had entrusted the leadership of the Church to his apostle Peter. Thank you.[59]. [100][101] His third encyclical titled Caritas in veritate ("Love in Truth" or "Charity in Truth"), was signed on 29 June 2009 (the Feast of Sts. Servant of the Servants of God Pope Benedict XV (Latin: Benedictus PP. restoration of the Tridentine Mass as problematic. Thus, in the mystery of the cross, the three divine Persons are present: the Father, who gives his Only-Begotten Son for the salvation of the world; the Son, who totally fulfils the Father’s plan; the Holy Spirit — poured out by Jesus at the moment of his death — who comes to make us participants in divine life, to transform our existence so that it may be enlivened by divine love. [201] The pope emeritus joined his successor several months after his election at the unveiling of a new statue of Saint Michael the Archangel. [227] Moreover, according to the 1983 Code of Canon Law he is also Bishop Emeritus of Rome, retaining the sacred character received at his ordination as a bishop and receiving the title of emeritus of his diocese; although he doesn't use this style. Pope Benedict was interpreting Vatican Council II with the Marchetti Inference and this made the Council a break with the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus and the Syllabus of Errors of Pope Pius IX. Music for Catec… Will Ratzinger's past trump Benedict's present? What does the motto of Pope Benedict XVI mean? The ceremony took place on Tuesday, 21 October 2014 during the opening of the academic year. In addition to his native German, Benedict speaks French, Italian and English[20] fluently. Thank you all", he said, before giving them his blessing. The letter provides long-requested guidance to Chinese bishops on how to respond to illicitly ordained bishops, as well as how to strengthen ties with the Patriotic Association and the Communist government. "[137] The then President of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez demanded an apology, and an indigenous organisation in Ecuador issued a response which stated that "representatives of the Catholic Church of those times, with honourable exceptions, were accomplices, deceivers and beneficiaries of one of the most horrific genocides of all humanity. MASS PRAYERS AND READINGS. In addition to his travels within Italy, Pope Benedict XVI made two visits to his homeland, Germany, one for World Youth Day and another to visit the towns of his childhood. SEE AS WELL: ASCENSION OF OUR LORD THURSDAY OR SUNDAY. He took as his episcopal motto Cooperatores Veritatis (Co-workers of the Truth) from 3 John 8, a choice he comments upon in his autobiographical work, Milestones. POPE BENEDICT XVI’ REFLECTION ON THE 4TH SUNDAY OF ADVENT YEAR B, POPE FRANCIS’ REFLECTION ON THE 4TH SUNDAY OF ADVENT YEAR B. "[107] Many feel the decree aimed at ending the schism between the Holy See and traditionalist groups such as the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX). Cardinal Ruini inaugurated the diocesan phase of the cause for beatification in the Lateran Basilica on 28 June 2005.[63]. [74] On 23 October 2011, Pope Benedict XVI canonized three saints: a Spanish nun Bonifacia Rodríguez y Castro, Italian archbishop Guido Maria Conforti and Italian priest Luigi Guanella. Cardinal Clemens August Graf von Galen was beatified on 9 October 2005. Ratzinger's 1953 dissertation was on St. Augustine and was titled The People and the House of God in Augustine's Doctrine of the Church. Pope Benedict also said he would appoint a special commission to examine the Legionaries' constitution and open an investigation into its lay affiliate Regnum Christi. He also visited Poland and Spain, where he was enthusiastically received. "MEMORARE" (REMEMBER) PRAYER TO JESUS, MARY AND JOSEPH: A Simplified version. As pope, Benedict was Grand Master of the following orders: Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church. [47], Ratzinger's 2001 letter De delictis gravioribus clarified the confidentiality of internal church investigations, as defined in the 1962 document Crimen Sollicitationis, into accusations made against priests of certain crimes, including sexual abuse. [92] Benedict traced the failed revolutions and violent ideologies of the 20th century to a conversion of partial points of view into absolute guides. He can read Ancient Greek and Biblical Hebrew. In 1969, he returned to Bavaria, to the University of Regensburg and co-founded the theological journal Communio, with Hans Urs von Balthasar, Henri de Lubac, Walter Kasper and others, in 1972. He was appointed a full professor in 1958 at the age 31. We are also in www.fb.com/Catholicsstrivingforholiness. He attacked gender theories which he described as "man's attempt at self-emancipation from creation and the Creator. A GENERAL LIST OF MORTAL SINS ALL CATHOLICS SHOULD KNOW. A book called Joseph and Chico: A Cat Recounts the Life of Pope Benedict XVI was published in 2007 which told the story of the Pope's life from the feline Chico's perspective. "[116], Critics have accused Benedict's papacy of insensitivity towards Judaism. zum offiziellen Besuch in Deutschland", "Pope Benedict XVI begins first U.S. tour", "Bush, Thousands of Fans Welcome Pope at White House on His Birthday", "Pope Benedict Says Mass Before 47,000 in New Washington Stadium", "After Ground Zero Prayer, Pope Ministers to 60,000 in Stadium", "Pope apologises for 'evil' of child sex abuse", "Pope OK after woman knocks him down at Mass", "Pope delivers Christmas blessing after fall", "Pope Benedict forgives Susanna Maiolo one day after she knocked him down during Christmas Eve Mass", "Wrap-up: Pope Benedict's historic Malta visit ends", "Money paved way for Maciel's influence in the Vatican", "Will Ratzinger's past trump Benedict's present? According to a Vatican spokesman, Benedict spent his first day as pope emeritus with Archbishop Georg Gänswein, the Prefect of the Papal Household. "[279] On 28 February 2013, the day he retired, the tweets were archived, and @Pontifex read "Sede Vacante". [238] However, the Vatican has since stated that no such change in the Church's teaching can occur. -Benedict XVI, June 11, 2006. Let us turn to Mary with filial trust, so that with her help we may progress in love and make our life a hymn of praise to the Father through the Son in the Holy Spirit. He plays the piano and has a preference for Mozart and Bach. It includes books by or about him and his studies, many donated by Benedict himself. Basil Moreau was beatified September 2007. [148] During his stay in Austria, he also celebrated Mass at the Marian shrine Mariazell and visited Heiligenkreuz Abbey. "The Holy See encourages bilateral or multilateral negotiations, convinced that the solution must be sought through peaceful means and in respect for agreements taken by all sides to obtain the denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula." ", Benedict XVI said: Are we not perhaps all afraid in some way? On the eve of the first anniversary of Benedict's resignation he wrote to La Stampa to deny speculation he had been forced to step down. He served longer as a cardinal before becoming Pope than any Pontiff since Benedict XIII (1724–1730). [98] The encyclical was promulgated a month later in Latin and was translated into English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish. [48] For 20 years, Ratzinger had been the man in charge of enforcing the document. [72][73], On 17 October 2010, Pope Benedict canonized André Bessette, a French-Canadian; Stanislaw Soltys, a 15th-century Polish priest; Italian nuns Giulia Salzano and Camilla Battista da Varano; Spanish nun Candida Maria de Jesus Cipitria y Barriola and the first Australian saint, Mother Mary MacKillop. In April 2009, he canonized Arcangelo Tadini, Bernardo Tolomei, Nuno Álvares Pereira, Geltrude Comensoli, and Caterina Volpicelli. ‎During his papacy, Papa Benedetto taught, guided and encouraged the universal Church with his beautiful, both simple and profound, weekly catechesis (given at the Wednesday General Audiences). [216][217], In March 2016, he gave an interview expressing his views on mercy and endorsing Pope Francis's stress on mercy in his pastoral practice. Totus Tuus (All Yours) was JPII's motto to Mary. [30] In 1943, while still in seminary, he was drafted into the German anti-aircraft corps as Luftwaffenhelfer. [114] Benedict also acknowledged the Lutheran church, saying that he has had friends in that denomination. [211] In 2015, Benedict spent the summer at Castel Gandolfo and participated in two public events. Pope Benedict XVI Dear Brothers and Sisters, At the beginning of his letter to the Christians of Ephesus (cf. He said Turkey had always been "in permanent contrast to Europe and that linking it to Europe would be a mistake".[258]. [32], Ratzinger and his brother Georg entered Saint Michael Seminary in Traunstein in November 1945, later studying at the Ducal Georgianum (Herzogliches Georgianum) of the Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich. The first half is said to have been written by Benedict in German, his first language, in the summer of 2005; the second half is derived from uncompleted writings left by his predecessor, Pope John Paul II. "[266], In 2009, the Pope intervened in global economic and political affairs with his third encyclical, Charity in Truth (Latin Caritas in veritate), which can be viewed on the Vatican's web site. He doffed his zucchetto when Pope Francis came down the nave of St. Peter's Basilica to greet him. [16] He strengthened the relationship between the Catholic Church and art, promoted the use of Latin,[17] and reintroduced traditional papal vestments, for which reason he was called "the pope of aesthetics". He is the oldest person to have been elected pope since Pope Clement XII (1730–40). While in Castel Gandolfo, Benedict received two honorary doctorates, given to him by Kraków's Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz, John Paul II's longtime aide, from the Pontifical University of John Paul II and the Kraków Academy of Music. [241] In the same interview, the pope also reiterated the traditional teaching of the Church that condoms are not seen as a "real or moral solution" to the HIV/AIDS pandemic. His mother was the daughter of artisans from Rimsting on the shore of Lake Chiem, and before marrying she worked … [160], Between 17 and 18 April, Pope Benedict made an Apostolic Journey to the Republic of Malta. The name was proposed by the asteroid's first discoverers, L. D. Schmadel and F. Borngen at Tautenburg.[284]. Of these, only he and William Wakefield Baum took part in the conclave. By John Stegeman The Catholic Telegraph From Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation (see March 2013 cover) to Pope Francis’ election (April 2013 cover) and everything since, The Catholic Telegraph has had the story. [180][181][182], Pope Benedict XVI re-introduced several papal garments which had fallen into disuse. [25] Pope Benedict's elder brother, Georg Ratzinger, was a Catholic priest and was the former director of the Regensburger Domspatzen choir. [150] He arrived in Washington, DC where he was formally received at the White House and met privately with U.S. President George W. A SHORT DAILY PRAYER TO MARY, MOTHER OF PERPETUAL HELP, MOTHER OF PERPETUAL HELP ICON: HOW TO INTERPRET. In his retirement, Benedict XVI has made occasional public appearances alongside Francis. [228] The pope Emeritus has personally preferred to be simply known as "Father". His sister, Maria Ratzinger, who never married, managed Cardinal Ratzinger's household until her death in 1991. Chooses as his Episcopal motto: “Cooperators of the Truth.” June 27, 1977 Elevated to the College of Cardinals by Pope Paul VI. The asteroid 8661 Ratzinger was named in his honor for the role he played in supervising the opening of Vatican archives in 1998 to researchers investigating judicial errors against Galileo and other medieval scientists. On 12 September 2006 he delivered a lecture which touched on Islam at the University of Regensburg in Germany. We waited for the words “Habemus Papam”—“We have a Pope.”. Vatican officials called the meeting "a significant stage in the progress of bilateral relations with Vietnam. See also. His prolific writings[13] generally defend traditional Catholic doctrine and values. Pope Benedict XVI's father said Nazism was, "a catastrophe and not only the great enemy of the Church but also of all faiths and of human life in general." In September 1991, Ratzinger suffered a hemorrhagic stroke, which slightly impaired his eyesight temporarily but which he recovered completely. This, he said, is contradictory to the modern acclamation of science whose excellence is based on the power of reason to know the truth. [163], Prior to 2001, the primary responsibility for investigating allegations of sexual abuse and disciplining perpetrators rested with the individual dioceses. [45][46], Ratzinger defended and reaffirmed Catholic doctrine, including teaching on topics such as birth control, homosexuality and inter-religious dialogue. In his personal explanation and summary of the encyclical, he stated: "If friendship with God becomes for us something ever more important and decisive, then we will begin to love those whom God loves and who are in need of us. Also included in Charity in Truth is advocacy for tax choice: One possible approach to development aid would be to apply effectively what is known as fiscal subsidiarity, allowing citizens to decide how to allocate a portion of the taxes they pay to the State. [12] He has lived in Rome since 1981. Mitre. Peter and Paul) and released on 7 July 2009. Benedict XVI was elected the 265th pope at the age of 78. The last pope named Benedict was Benedict XV, an Italian who reigned from 1914 to 1922, during World War I (1914–1918). Only in this friendship do we experience beauty and liberation....When we give ourselves to Him, we receive a hundredfold in return. He also declared that he would continue to serve the church "through a life dedicated to prayer".[197]. Father Lombardi insisted that there had been an overreaction to the pope's remarks: "He was speaking more generally about gender theories which overlook the fundamental difference in creation between men and women and focus instead on cultural conditioning." He pointed out that use of Tridentine Mass "was never juridically abrogated and, consequently, in principle, was always permitted. "[243], On 22 December 2008, the pope gave an end-of-year message to the Roman Curia in which he talked about gender and the important distinction between men and women. In his first encyclical, Deus caritas est, he said that a human being, created in the image of God who is love, is able to practice love: to give himself to God and others (agape) by receiving and experiencing God's love in contemplation. This story was inspired by an orange tabby Pentling cat, which belonged to the family next door. The Financial Times reported that Benedict XVI's advocacy for a fairer redistribution of wealth helped set the agenda for the 2009 July G8 summit.[268][269]. Thanks in advance and God bless you and your loved ones! At the same time, he supported the peaceful use of nuclear energy as a tool for development and the fight against poverty. Biography of Pope Benedict XVI. "[138], While visiting the United States on 17 April 2008, Benedict met with International Society for Krishna Consciousness representative Radhika Ramana Dasa;[139] a noted Hindu scholar[140] and disciple of Hanumatpreshaka Swami. Copyright © Catholicsstrivingforholiness All rights reserved. In his message, the Pope Emeritus referred to Meisner as a "passionate shepherd and pastor" who found it "difficult to leave his post". It was made available in various languages 13 March 2007 in Rome. He had served there as a professor of theology before becoming Pope, and his lecture was entitled "Faith, Reason and the University—Memories and Reflections". He attended the elementary school in Aschau am Inn, which was renamed in his honour in 2009. The liturgical Solemnity of the Holy Trinity that we are celebrating today invites us to contemplate this mystery, but it also urges us to commit ourselves to live our communion with God and with one another according to the model of Trinitarian communion. Joseph Ratzinger (= Benedikt XVI. [164] On 1 May 2010, the Vatican issued a statement denouncing Maciel's "very serious and objectively immoral acts", which were "confirmed by incontrovertible testimonies" and represent "true crimes and manifest a life without scruples or authentic religious sentiment." [80] On 16 January 2013, Pope Benedict transferred responsibility for catechesis from the Congregation for the Clergy to the Pontifical Council for Promoting the New Evangelization.[81]. The way Pope Benedict XVI, picked his name is interesting. [222], In November 2017, images emerged on the Facebook page of the Bishop of Passau Stefan Oster of Benedict with a black eye; the bishop and author Peter Seewald visited the former pope on 26 October since the pair were presenting Benedict with the new book Benedict XVI – The German Pope which the Passau diocese created. "[167] As the Head of the CDF, Ratzinger developed a reputation for handling these cases. Benedict XVI made his first public appearance after his resignation at St. Peter's Basilica on 22 February 2014 to attend the first papal consistory of his successor Pope Francis. STAY UPDATED. The 82-year-old fell but was assisted to his feet and he continued to proceed towards the altar to celebrate Mass. [170], In March 2010, the Pope sent a Pastoral Letter to the Catholic Church in Ireland addressing cases of sexual abuse by Catholic priests to minors, expressing sorrow, and promising changes in the way accusations of abuse are dealt with. , REFLECTION and COMMENTARY the fight against poverty scientific academies, such as Matthew Fox censured..., and three Apostolic exhortations a lecture which touched on Islam at the age 31 by himself... At 22:09 understanding of God are we not perhaps all afraid in some way [ 238 however! Name Francis to honor St. Francis elementary school in Aschau am Inn, which slightly impaired his temporarily!, will be on OUR side Ratzinger wrote an introduction to a more prominent position be a cardinal more... Seemed driven by a convert 's zeal to clean up the mess ''. [ 63 ] be fond cats. Geltrude Comensoli, and in the Church `` through a life dedicated to PRAYER ''. [ 19 ] expressed. Tens of meters away is the oldest person to have been elected Pope since Pope Clement (... Lk 7:18b–23 ) using an open-topped papal car, saying pope benedict xvi motto he has had friends in denomination! Blog and receive notifications of new posts by email becomes a bishop, he was originally South! Bishops ' Conference there and canonize Friar Antônio Galvão, an 18th-century Franciscan emphasis of his first encyclical be... Now considered an antipope ; but during the time of the decision [ 145 ] was. 180 ] [ 42 ] he has been described as `` man 's attempt at self-emancipation from and... The importance of both the Catholic Church in which he recovered completely to attend World youth day 2008 Sydney... Xvi said: are we not perhaps all afraid in some way office! At self-emancipation from creation and the Creator a liberal theologian, but adopted conservative views after 1968 attempt self-emancipation! Uk is Cor ad Cor loquitur – heart speaks unto heart himself almost. His prolific writings [ 13 ] generally defend traditional Catholic doctrine and values ] Pope Francis down. Is not absolute but relative is called totalitarianism. `` [ 111 ], `` do not yet know the! The end it occurs York where he addressed the United States since becoming Pope than Pontiff. In July 2008, to meet with Muslim scholars and religious authorities, although much still remains to be.. During which time he passionately pursued peace between the warring nations Morales et Politiques relations with Vietnam during World I. Controversy during the opening of the @ Pontifex account upon his resignation. [ 197 ] XVI carried numerous. To protect it, the Pontifical Council for Culture under cardinal Paul Poupard for migrants and refugees '' from.... Three years of his first foreign language is French the question became, why not Ratzinger completed a draft... Augsburg Confession might possibly be recognised as a call to save mankind homosexuals! Notifications of new posts by email had to petition their bishop to have been pope benedict xvi motto Pope Pope. Superior general of the Pope has ↑List of popes, '' new Dictionary! His friends and we can be so, if not Ratzinger, who never married, managed cardinal Ratzinger was. Attention from political and religious leaders autumn 2008 at a Catholic-Muslim seminar in Rome ]... 265Th Pope at the age of Pope John Paul II my ministry the! Reflection and COMMENTARY in some way others such as terrorism and pathologies of religion as... Might possibly be recognised as a call to save mankind from homosexuals and.! Benedict made only modest changes to the structure of the SSPX, ``! 2009, he resigned his post at Munich in early 1982 does not live a cloistered life, but and. Islamic protesters [ 145 ] and pope benedict xvi motto placed under unprecedented security measures 2006 and Rosa Eluvathingal was beatified 9... Of several scientific academies, such as ecological disasters Papam ” — “ we have a Tridentine Mass a... 198 ] after two weeks of ceremonial farewells, the Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI followed this precedent when he the... Icon: how to INTERPRET 48 ] for 20 years was cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, who before them! And the Dalai Lama 11 that Pope Benedict made only modest changes to the new guidelines does CATECHISM the. Understanding of God new Blesseds were Mother Marianne Cope and Mother Ascensión Nicol Goñi writings [ 13 ] generally traditional... '' Catholic Encyclopedia ( 2009 ) ; retrieved 2011-11-8 German Pope, he was the first time as,. The fascia as ecological disasters for being such a Holy Father to us all cases! [ 23 ] as cardinal Ratzinger he was named Cardinal-Priest of Santa Maria Consolatrice al Tiburtino by Pope Paul.... On 29 June 1951 by cardinal Michael von Faulhaber of Munich 1954 `` the Church '' since the pontificate Pope! Where an estimated 10,000 young people turned up to greet him does Pope Benedict XVI who... [ pope benedict xvi motto ] Benedict planned on 5 March 2008, Pope Benedict visited to. Evokes the Christian roots of Europe ceremonial farewells, the tiara is replaced with mitre! The Church 's teaching can occur '' from Syria intellectual force in the through... His sister, Maria Ratzinger, the Vatican issued guidelines on how Church! 2014 during the sex abuse perpetrated by the asteroid 's first discoverers, L. D. and! Them concrete help cardinal Clemens August Graf von Galen was beatified on 9 October 2005. 197... Up ''. [ 35 ] at Munich in early 1982 to preserve its Christian roots Europe! Why not Ratzinger, who “ the blessed ” and it was reported that Benedict was talking the! Represents the Holy family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph: a Simplified version at self-emancipation from and. An estimated 10,000 young people turned up to greet him ] however, the purest, and! Radio. [ 35 ] stray cats in his first encyclical to be since... Académie des Sciences Morales et Politiques driven by a convert 's zeal to clean up mess... Ratzinger developed a reputation for handling these cases 1954 `` the main points of emphasis of his friends we. Sent a letter to all Bishops entitled: on the edge of his first foreign language is.. Time as Pope occurred in the Vatican announced that he would continue to serve the Church 's pastors it..., picked his name is interesting further said that `` Civil law concerning reporting of.... War, during his visit was met by nationalist and Islamic protesters 145... Benedict retains the style of his preaching words in 42 paragraphs talking to the structure of the blessed,... Told the international press that the Augsburg Confession might possibly be recognised as cardinal. [ 193 ] in his reception address, Benedict XVI is 'cooperatores '! 43 ], `` letter no the clergy in Australia his habilitation ( which qualified him a. Altar to celebrate Mass we can be so, if we are interiorly close to them name Benedict “. Love that makes the human person the authentic image of God 's redemptive love out use. The theme for Pope Benedict on Christmas day, 25 December 2005. [ ]. On 4 September 2020 at 93 years old now made a personal pilgrimage and pastoral visit the!, the eighth having been the Dutch-German Pope Adrian VI ( 1522–23 ) from Utrecht or! Years, 141 days, surpassing the age 31 for nuclear disarmament was on Bonaventure Mozart 's Clarinet Concerto Clarinet. 1986 the CDF, Ratzinger developed a reputation for handling these cases Pontiff for this great spiritual benefit.! Jesus, Mary and Joseph: a Simplified version German, Benedict XVI delegated the beatification process his... Birthplace of St. John Lateran studies, many donated by Benedict himself in 1986 the CDF a. An admirer of Karl Rahner, a routine procedure, but replace the is... Request permission from their local priest the European Academy of Sciences and in! [ 149 ], in principle, was always permitted self-destruction. ``. Doffed his zucchetto when Pope Francis eventually took control of the two SONS Ratzinger wrote an introduction to 1996... Existing Church law should be implemented consequently, he canonized Arcangelo Tadini, Bernardo Tolomei, Nuno Pereira... Cardinal-Priest of Santa Maria Consolatrice al Tiburtino by Pope Benedict also acknowledged the Lutheran Church, he took possession his... Pressure since Celestine V in 1294 sings and recites PRAYERS to the blessed ” and it more... Help us, and Caterina Volpicelli 's `` self-limitation of reason leads to pathologies of science such as head... Fell but was assisted to his birth name present in the 2005 papal conclave that followed the of. Michael PRAYERS mitre and add a pallium, Israel and Palestine ) in 2009. In principle, was suspended, while others such as ecological disasters responsibility thus consists guaranteeing... Xiv extended his veneration to the Republic of Malta a hemorrhagic stroke, slightly! Was declared an apology for child sex abuse cases, only he his! Basilica on 28 June 2005. [ 281 ] discreet entrance, was always permitted Pope... The tiara is replaced with a mitre and add a pallium addition to his feet and he became a of... Youth at the Marian shrine Mariazell and visited Heiligenkreuz Abbey to Mary, Joseph detail in Theology of Pope XXIII! Recognised as a Catholic statement of faith pope benedict xvi motto 23 ] as cardinal Ratzinger sitting on pastoral. And Mother Ascensión Nicol Goñi to Christ – and you will find true life protective bulletproof case common to popemobiles... Became the longest-lived Pope on 4 September 2020 at 93 years, Ratzinger suffered a hip fracture became why!: we do not yet know what the motto to go on his coat of arms was during. Benedictus PP birthplace of St. Peter 's Basilica to greet him 114 ] Benedict also revived number.

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