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The roosters are quite handsome fellows that are very vocal. to this mornings arrival. About the Plymouth Rock Chicken Breed D.A. One of the best and best poultry breeds in the United States, he has achieved worldwide success for thousands of poultry breeders, enthusiasts and backyard ‘keepers for over 6 years. – November 9, 2015, Thank you very much. All of the eggs i have found have been quite large, surprising for pullets. All are thriving and healthy! Ordering was easy, customer service was above and beyond what I could have asked for and everyone we have spoken with have been very delightful. Michigan sourced Breakfast and Lunch served fresh daily. Cackle has been my hatchery of choice for the last 6 years and they have always been great folks to deal with. They replaced a home flock I had bought 3 years ago from another popular hatchery but I have to say the quality of the chicks when they arrived and 6 weeks later is far superior then my first flock of the same #, Once again extend my appreciation to all of the people who work at Cackle as they might not know but there hard work is greatly appreciated, Click link for details: Vaccination Policy, National On the fifth day I had to extend my wall of the brooding area because they would jump and or fly over my twelve inch high pen. On sunny days – even with a foot of snow on the ground – they demand to be let out. Just a quick note to advise you our order of Buckeyes, Barred Rock and Jersey Giants arrived this morning. They also come to me when I make a finger movement to see what I’m doing. The tracking for my package was spot on with much appreciated detail. I will purchase more in the spring. The BR are very intelligent and family friendly my babies are almost a month old and already come to me when I call them. – November 17, 2015. I appreciate the care that is taken to make sure that good quality stock is sent to the customer. They were immediately given water, and chick food was made available (including the boiled egg yolk you recommended) They took to it instantly! It was in 1869 that D.A. I believe the narrowing of our livestock gene pool puts agriculture at risk. I will be using your service in the future and will be recommending it to others. Your YouTube videos and chick care instructions are fantastic. American. we ordered a 15 value selection from you and a RIR roo. This is as expected I think that is why I ordered 15 and received 16 , It was never active enough when first received and we separated it from the rest of the flock and gave it personal care , but as we know this is not unusual . He enjoys eating bananas from your hand and perching high on branches to let out a loud crow. Special thanks to Cackle Hatchery for the extra 2 chicks that more than covered my shipping mortality; it was unexpected and greatly appreciated. The Barred rocks breed of chicken is casually referred to as "rocks" in breeder circles. Finally thank you. { I just love her i would recomend this breed if you have little ones that help in the coop they seem very friendly and never seem to peck ... Our very 1st chicks that caused us become chicken math victims (LOL) are some of my favorites! But let me tell you about the eggs! We received them quickly! With this hot summer there’s plenty of time to be ready for winter. So far, so good. one of them even got into a fight with a hawk and sent the hawk away in pain. My chicks arrived quickly and very healthy! The Plymouth Rock chicken, also known as the Barred Rock Chicken, is breed that originated in the USA The Plymouth Rock is a dual-purpose, cold-hardy bird and therefore makes a great breed for the small farm or backyard flock owner. – November 11, 2015. Thanks for your review - I've been looking at adding a few of these lovely ladies to our flock. Your chicks were lively, more sturdy and better quality than our other experience from other hatcheries. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Very happy very satisfied. I love this breed and I highly recommended them. Your shipment of chicks arrived this morning. A bird that could lay eggs and swim, this would be useful because than you could own a pool and just leave it open in the summer instead of spending a lot of time creating shade, or even installing air conditioning to your coop. They are tough and live long. I will be a returning customer. Just wanted to say thanks. I ordered city-town special of three pullets. I was introduced to chickens by one of my parent’s colleagues and have had them ever since. I’ll recommend Cackle to everyone. Thank you Bettina! Your company did a great job shipping and also the lady who took my order was very good. Barred Rocks offer high brown egg production in addition to having a meaty body. I probably wouldn't recommend this Roo for a more pet-type boy nor the hens for a mixed flock that is cooped as they may beat up the other girls. Good cold weather layers. We will be ordering ducklings to add to our flock in spring. Her crop is infinitely expandable. We kept their coop at 35 degrees and they didn’t care – as long as they have food and water they are laying. They all arrived healthy and happy! It is a dual-purpose breed, raised both for its meat and for its brown eggs. We ordered 10 chicks. Most people call these “Barred Rocks” which is a short name for the Barred Plymouth Rock chicken. You see, it is my ambition to own my own farm one day, so all experience helps. – November 11, 2015, We received the chicks in very good order. Ordering Details: A minimum of 25 chicks are needed to ship; A minimum of 5 females per breed is required Better service than I could have imagined. – November 18, 2015. Many Thanks, Vince Arizona May 2014 They arrived this morning right on time and in excellent health. 19 birds on arrival, one poor girl had a turned foot, by the time we figured out what was up, was too late to save her, we tried everything. They seem to survive the best of all breeds and their camouflage keeps them safer from predators than others. They are just now at nearly a year old starting to lay eggs. we really appreciated the extra curtesy. They were immediately off running, eating and drinking. Modern-day Plymouth Rocks are thought to have derived from this cross. Our Barred Rock rooster protects his girls so well that last fall–he killed an owl! I adore cackle hatchery! Another benefit of this chicken breed is that they are great layers. Barred Plymouth Rocks or "Barred Rocks" are one of the most popular chickens on small farms today. The Dominique chicken has a rose comb and a slight v pattern in the barring of the feathers. THANK YOU!!! Unfortunately I had one DOA (hen) but all others were alive and well (13 hens & 3 roosters). That’s the Barred Rock way. Mine are nearly three months old and are very clever. Janie, Missouri May 2014 Their name comes from the odd greyish rock pattern of their feathers. I don’t usually get chicks in the fall but am very glad I tried it. Got my baby chicks this morning! Again, thank you so much for making this a great experience. Barred Rock Cafe. All arrived safe and sound and are growing fast. – January 14, 2016. 17 healthy happy ladies and two turkeys arrived yesterday thank you very much you did everything you said you would do everything turned out great I appreciate everything you’ve done. Barred Rock Rooster . Of course, I can't speak for kinsey's birds. After only about a week total, we have 11 perfectly healthy chicks chirping, eating, drinking, and pooping while acting wacky. Very Happy with our Chicks. Thanks Again, Kathryn from Mississippi 1.1K likes. They are very curious, and this leads them to figure out new things faster than my other breeds. They are very beautiful, and the rooster's plumage is very dazzling. The Barred Rock would be an attractive addition to any flock. We also offer at limited times of the year, To learn about how to tell the difference between a Barred Rock and a Dominique Chicken please check out our blog. thanks cackle for my wonderful birds, Aaron Florida June 2009 – November 6, 2015. now that its dec, we still have 18 birds, have nesting boxes ready and are baiting the girls with wooden eggs! Will definitely keep your experience in mind. Doug, Oklahoma March 2012 The Plymouth Rock is an American breed of domestic chicken. Upham crossed Black Java hens with a barred rooster. Will order from Cackle again. thank you for helping to bring such a fun and enriching set of pets to our lives <3 (Posted on 12/13/2017)", "author" : { "@type" : "Person", "name": "rachael" } , "itemReviewed" : { "@type" : "Thing", "name": "chickens" } , "reviewRating" : { "@type" : "Rating", "ratingValue": "5", "bestRating": "5", "worstRating": "1" } } // ]]> I Love my BR girls I ordered 8 got 9 and every single one was a hen. Barred Rocks are my favorite hardy bird. That has not been the case with our Cackle chicks. These are some of the healthiest, tamest birds I have ever had the enjoyment of having. Many people who like this breed of chicken also like the miniature version of the breed (bantam) the Barred Rock Bantam Chicken, We also offer at limited times of the year Barred Rock Fertile Hatching Eggs. – November 1, 2016, I wanted to thank you for the beautiful chicks I ordered. Whistler is named for our love of the outdoors and our neighbors to the north. Not only are they helpful and friendly, they provide all the information you could ever ask for. Just this last Monday I called needing to put in an “Emergency” order as we quickly ran out of chicks that had just arrived 3 days earlier. The chicks arrived safe and sound at my home. Same happens with us! I couldn’t be more pleased with this company. The Barred Standard Plymouth Rock Chicken is a great back yard poultry for production and very kid friendly chicken. This year has been so much better that we have just placed 2 more orders. I will definitely recommend and purchase from Cackle in the future. The Cochin substitution for one Yokohoma was fine. They started laying first at only 4 1/2 months. Thanks for all you do! This was my first experience with chickens!. In less than six months your fine breeding and excellent breed descriptions have made me locally popular for being reliable producer of quality eggs. Thanks for good service, information and kindly taking the time to answer my many questions. I was wonderfully taken care of and sent via the phone to someone that could help me out in your “over-hatch”. So informative. This older variety is both gentle, calm and quiet. Your advice in your pamphlet was very helpful and informative . Cackle will be are go to hatchery from now on. I couldn’t be happier with the chicks. I appreciate the manner in which you packaged the chicks. The hatchery called before they shipped to ensure we would be available to pick them up from the post office. "reviewBody": "i had never touched a chicken before ordering. My Barred Rock girl is very nice and lays an egg almost every day. These are my first chickens (I’m 71). Extra chicks were shipped along with my order, I lost 2 chicks (one did not grow much after the first week -Failure to thrive) But I still have the same amount that I had originally ordered. I waited awhile to write this until I saw results. Deborah Missouri June 2009 "name": "Cackle Hatchery", Great foragers. – November 12, 2015. Love them! Barred Rock rooster up on fencepost Thanks Again, V/R Darryl. We ordered 8 cinnamon queen hens and 8 barred rock hens, we received 9 of each all alive on arrival and are still thriving now at 6 weeks old. Thank you. 5 Buff Orpington pullets, 5 Barred Rock pullets, 5 White Rock pullets, and 10 Splash Silkies. I used the wire cage a lot when I had game hens. Definitely will be ordering from Cackle Hatchery again! thank you for helping to bring such a fun and enriching set of pets to our lives <3. – November 12, 2015. The Plymouth Rock a.k.a. The breed is similar in appearance to the Dominique and sometimes Barred Rocks are misidentified as members of the Dominique breed. Chickens called "Plymouth Rocks" were shown as early as 1849, but that flock disappeared and later strains from … – November 11, 2015. I received my order of 21 Buff Orpington and Barred Rock pullet 4 weeks ago tomorrow. I wanted to drop you a line to let you know that my birds arrived safe and sound in addition to being a day earlier than projected. Our little momma hen is happily clucking over her new brood and the entire family seems very happy. Very healthy and adorable. Amelia is the name of my Cackle Barred Rock (BR). The chicks are now one week old and doing great. I love Barred Rocks to! As you can see he was very excited to ride home with the chicks. – November 6, 2015. The History of the Plymouth Barred Rock Chicken. They're very friendly, great layers of large brown eggs, even in cold weather! It was developed in New England in the early 1800s by crossing single-combed Dominiques and Black Javas. This is one of the color varieties of the Plymouth Rock chicken family and an excellent winter/summer brown egg layer. I am pleased with the service Cackle provides. – November 12, 2015, Last year I purchased a dozen chickens six barred rocks and six Austra Whites. And all the rooster got was a bleeding comb which he soon got over. We have ordered from cackle hatchery before and they have never disappointed. I never noticed that about roosters before and don’t know if that’s normal. All arrived doing fine. The resulting birds were shown in Worcester, later that same year and are considered to be the ancestors of the modern Plymouth Rocks. However, if you do have the space to let your flock roam, then the Barred Rock is a fairly capable forager. Tiffany Kentucky June 2014 Yokohomas are beautiful birds. I let the 4 hens out, as usual and when she refused to get off the eggs, I carefully picked her up and placed her outside the coop while I cleaned it and gave them fresh bedding. Most people call these "Barred Rocks” which is a short name for the Barred Plymouth Rock chicken. The leghorns can hold their own but nobody else wants to be near them. – November 18, 2015, Just wanted to let you know that our chick order arrived this morning on time and the girls were in excellent shape strong and healthy. I was very impressed because of poor business with previous order from another hatchery. They're recommended for beginners and those with kids. – November 12, 2015, I want to praise Renae for placing my crazy order today! I ordered my chicks on Sunday, they shipped the next morning and arrived at the post office on Wednesday. They are very common, and if you take them to fair you will have several competitors. You must log in or register to reply here. He was surrendered for unknown reasons and had been waiting for a forever home for several months. They arrived very quickly and each and every one of them are healthy. This is one of the color varieties of the Plymouth Rock chicken family and an excellent winter/summer brown egg layer. White / Cream. Hans, South Carolina May 2011 He is a beautiful, calm and productive member of any flock. All chicks appear healthy and vigorous especially the Buckeyes who are non-stop balls of energy! We ordered 25 chicks in June from Cackle hatchery. My 40 chickens are doing great! Thank you for the quality chicks it was a pleasure doing business with you! Sounds like your plan worked great. Two are very sweet and friendly but one is twice the size of the others and very mature for his age. A friend recommended them to us after a bad experience with another hatchery and a high mortality rate with another hatchery. – November 12, 2015. Both make for good chickens in the winter and good pet chickens. The breed was first seen in Boston in 1849 and then left out of sight for the next twenty years. We order 16 chicks (7 of which were barred rocks). Thanks once again, Scott Missouri April 2014 – December 2, 2015. We’ll be buying again! – December 18, 2015. Amanda Presley, Mississippi I watched all the videos as well. The chicken we use didn’t cross some random stretch of road, it built its own road then crossed just for the hell of it. I'll keep that in mind! I just wanted to say thank you! We are so pleased with our order that we received in July. Some people confuse the Barred Rock chicken with the Dominique chicken … How did you break your little Barred Rock of her broodiness? The hens appear black and white (look more black than white). The Barred Rock hens are slightly darker in color than the roosters, as they carry only one chromosome for the barring, and the males carry two. I received a call from the post office to pick them up on Sept 28th at 0530 in the morning. Just a quick thank you. Our chicks have been nothing short of SPLENDID from you, always arriving warm, dry and healthy. i am pleased with them. Our store is the smallest in our chain but we have never been treated as if we were not as important as other stores with larger orders by your staff. They're in my top three favorite breeds. Bill, Missouri February 2013 now that its dec, we still have 18 birds, have nesting boxes ready and are baiting the girls with wooden eggs! Thank you all! The latin name for domestic Barred Rock Rooster 0901. All of the chicks from this order have continued to show the high standard of quality and good growth and health we have come to expect from your birds. Thank you, I ordered my Barred Rock chicks (13 hens/2 roosters) on September 23, 2018 with an expected hatch date of the 25th. I received my chick order this morning, all arrived in very good condition. Barred Rock Chickens (also known as Barred Plymouth Rocks) are great general-purpose farm or homestead birds. It’s day 38 now and all 16 of them eating like horses and growing like weeds. Originally I planned on getting chicks simply to earn money, but as soon as I saw them I was immediately in love. And the most important part- the chicks have been the best quality we’ve ever received. I received my chicks today and found all but 1 made it alive not bad odds for ordering 70 chicks. With the exception of a few chickens I obtained from neighbors and friends, at least 3/4 of my flock came from Cackle Hatchery. Beth Oklahoma February 2015 Order now for estimated delivery by February 6, 2021. thank you to all who work at Cackle Hatchery for carrying this breed! I haven’t lost any of them and they are growing so fast that I can hardly believe it. We have not had even one minute problem with them. //

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